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MST3K Etch A Sketch
It’s not often I get commissioned to create a more detailed rendition like this on an Etch A Sketch. This MST3K-themed Etch A Sketch was created for my roommate to present it at one of the Kickstarter viewing parties that took place last night. Regretfully I was out of town and therefore unable to attend, but from what I was told, Joel was most appreciative of the gifted final art! :la: The Etch A Sketch was custom framed in a beautiful black shadowbox. The original might have been gifted, but prints are available for purchase on etsy here:…
Mandala Etch A Sketch
I like this Etch A Sketch because it has a funky red screen. It inspired me to make up a funky little doodle! Stay tuned for a time lapse video where I created this mandala-inspired illustration~ Camera 
Meloetta Etch A Sketch
Lately I've been really into Meloetta, because I've been listening to this super catchy Momoiro Clover Z song "Mitte Mitte Kochichi" that was used as one of the Japanese Pokemon BW ending themes. I even try to follow along to the dance, despite the fact that it knocks me on my butt!

Here's a link to the super super catchy song! :la:…
Bernie Sanders Etch A Sketch
Today felt like a good day to post this Etch A Sketch - I feel like a lot of us need a little Bernie right now. I still hold firm to the idea that monarchies are best, so I could properly reign on my self-appointed throne as Princess Etch A Sketch. You can check out a time lapse video of me creating this here:


Jane Labowitch
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a recent graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a BFA in Illustration. Besides my illustrative work, I also do etch a sketch art.

I also doodle! It's a borderline compulsive artistic endeavor of mine. I work on my doodles whenever I have pockets of time to work with--waiting in line, sitting in lectures, riding the transit, etc. I also like working on them at my desk at home, while listening to music.

I am truly thankful for all the support I have received here on dA!

If you would like to contact me, please either send me a note, drop me a comment, or if you prefer to send me an email, you may contact me at
For those who have not read part 1, check it out here:

The Skeleton project is DONE!!! (Part 1)Greetings fellow deviants!!! As a few of you old-timers might be aware, a few years ago (uh about . . . 4 years ago to be more precise) I was offered a DeviantArt Creative Grant!!! You can read more about it here:

So here's the deal. 4 years, ago, I received this wonderful grant to pursue the largest and most ambitious project I have ever done on Etch A Sketch - a full-sized rendition of a skeleton. What I will be talking about going forward is definitely not an excuse for why it took me FOUR YEARS to see this project to the end, but I hope it will make sense of the whole situation. I cannot apologize enough for my lateness in seeing this project to the end.
I keep prefacing this before getting into the meat of the story, but please bear with me! I'd like to take this last opportunity to sincerely THANK everyone at DeviantArt who was amazing enough to consider and fund this project. And I cannot thank the staff at DeviantArt enough for never breathing down my

Thanks to everyone who is caught up on my (mis)adventures in taking on ridiculously ambitious projects! As promised, this entry will be on a positive note. I wanted to begin the entry by sharing take 1 and take 2 of the skull portion of the skeletal installation:
Skull WIP etch a sketch by pikajane Skull Etch A Sketch (take 2!) by pikajane

So so much has changed between these two renditions. I hardly know where to begin!

I suppose it's a good idea to start with how I even got around to unearthing this project. A few months ago I was presented with the opportunity to teach a workshop and show my work at SoHo House Chicago, and I mentioned that I was thinking about creating a life-size skeleton on a series of Etch A Sketches. The people in charge of organizing the event were over the moon about this idea, and asked me on multiple occasions if the skeleton would be ready in time for the workshop. This opportunity presented me with something I've been lacking - a deadline!!! A deadline ended up being the perfect motivation to get this project back in motion. So I said yes, and spent the next three weeks of September etching away.

Though the project has caused me years of anxiety, I can now say in retrospect that I am thankful I did not revisit it until now. First, You might notice that you see more of the skull in the first Etch A Sketch drawing. This is because 4 years ago, in my addled planning phase, I made some major miscalculations. Had I gone through with my original plans to render all of the skeleton, it would not have been life-size after all! This was one of my major flubs I made the first time I planned this project out. It was due to a few factors, such as my lack of knowledge in regards to photography and Photoshop. These are things I think I could only have realized 4 years later...when I had the chance to revisit this project with fresh eyes.

I completely overhauled the layout that I had before, instead choosing a new composition that used a total of 11 Etch A Sketches of various sizes. I will share the old and new compositions after I upload the final piece! Right now I am in one of the final steps. I spent yesterday photographing the completed 11 works and am in the process of doing final edits on all of the images. When I edit my photos I am not doing anything to compromise the integrity of the original Etch A Sketch. I am cleaning off any dust particulates and making sure they all look consistent with one another in regards to lighting and color. They are part of a series after all, so I want to make sure they look cohesive as a set!

I'll leave this entry off here for now so I can get back to work on photo editing. I'm going to be traveling a fair amount this month, but plan to have the finalized skeleton ready to share by Halloween. Why not make the deadline thematic and fun? :P


pikajane has started a donation pool!
2,811 / 5,000
I am starting a donation pool so I can start buying prints of other artists on DA! I would also love to start supporting other contests, etc.

Etch a sketch commissions are individually priced now, and can be further discussed by sending me a note.

ALSO...please check out the waiting list by scrolling down my page. JUST SO YOU KNOW...I am a busy, busy person. You won't be getting your piece in a very short time frame. Not only do I have a job and go to art school full time, but I happen to have a social life as well.
With that in mind, I find that I do not have as much time or inclination to do commissions as before. I am working on selling my physical work, but if you are still interested in commissioning me, please do send a note!

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